Our Story

As a long-time lawn and garden enthusiast, I’ve always appreciated having and maintaining a green and thriving lawn. But once I became a father and then more recently, a dog owner, I started paying more attention to the chemicals and numerous pesticide signs on lawns in my community. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a lawn care company that offered a comprehensive organic lawn program or could really explain what types of chemicals they were going to put on my lawn.  For a while, I left my lawn untreated and suffered through the consequences of having a lawn with brown patches and which was overtaken with weeds.


After research and training, I learned the key to a healthy lawn isn’t really about the grass, but more importantly, the health of the underlying soil.  To have a lawn that is resistant, strong and sustainable, you need a soil, rich with organic matter and thriving with beneficial micro-organisms that help cycle the nutrients that feed the roots.  More importantly, grass that is addicted to chemicals depends on them to survive, while those same chemicals destroy the microbial ecosystem in the soil!


This when I came across a New Hampshire-based company that produces an amazing line of high quality ‘2nd generation’ organic lawn fertilizers and nutrients. It was then that I decided it would be great to bring these high quality organic products and my expertise of renovating and treating lawns to SOMA and the surrounding communities. I visited and trained with the founder of this company, and soon thereafter, Green Roots Organic Lawn Care was born.