Optimized Organic Lawn Program

This program is your best choice for striking a balance between using the safest products possible, having a beautiful lawn and being mindful of your budget.  This program calls for ORGANIC PRODUCTS to be used whenever possible.  When it comes to control products like weed and insect controls we will only use EPA REGISTERED "LOW RISK" INPUTS.  We use compost teas and natural fertilizers throughout the year to focus on building the soil to help your turf gr7 adually become much more resistant to stress and invaders and REQUIRES FAR LESS IRRIGATION than a standard chemical program.

  • 7 Lawn Treatments during the season

  • Includes weed control

  • All treatments are safe for your family and pets

Premium Organic Lawn Program

The BeeSafe Lawns PREMIUM ORGANIC PROGRAM is by far the most advanced and effective lawn care service program available in the industry.  Up until now, the products and methods that we employ in the application of this program have been reserved for estate managers and consultants that do not operate under the confines of a budget. By combining the application of organic granular fertilizers with laboratory created biologically enhanced soil inoculants and bio-stimulants the BeeSafe Organic program will transform your lawn into an organic carpet of thick green grass.  

  • Seven Organic Treatments Tailered Specifically for Your Home

  • ORGANIC Preventative Crabgrass Controls 

  • Program includes organic fertilization, compost tea, kelp, humates and other organic inputs.

  • Topdressing with ORGANIC COMPOST in late spring.

  • Broadleaf Weed Controls Applied as Needed.  (We use "Fiesta" broadleaf weed control.  (Iron is the active ingredient)

  • Service Calls are Always FREE!

  • Expert Analysis and Recommendations with Every Visit.

  • Free Soil pH Test.