Why organic-based lawns? Isn't that overkill?

We believe a lawn treated organically or semi-organically will look and perform better than a conventional based program.  A chemically treated lawn is not sustainable, can harm the environment, needs to be watered more, and makes the lawn dependent on unnecessary synthetic products. Through our lawn programs, we will enrich your soil with organic nutrients that strengthen the living soil underneath your lawn.  This process allows your lawn and soil to become more resistant and able to thrive in most environments.  That's not overkill, that's smart.

Does organic-based lawn care really work?  

Yes, you will be amazed with the results!  Besides being a safe and natural choice for your lawn, going organic or semi-organic actually works better than a chemical-based program.  We not only fertilize your lawn, but we strengthen the soil through nourishment and by encouraging the cycle of life of the micro-organisms that live in the soil.  These micro-organisms will, in turn, help nurture the soil with minerals essential for growth, just as nature intended.


I like this approach, but is your program affordable?

Ask us for a quote, and you will see that all of our programs are price competitive with the conventional programs others offer. In fact, in some cases, we might end up being the more affordable option! We have ambitious goals to spread the organic lawn movement and transform as many lawns as we can from using conventional methods (or no methods at all) into organically treated lawns. We  know that affordability is essential to realize these goals, and that's why we have worked very hard to make our programs affordable. 


I've tried to find an organic based program before, but just didn't find one like Green Roots. Why is that? 

We asked ourselves the same question, which is why we spent a tremendous amount of time researching and educating ourselves about different methods and approaches to natural lawn care before launching Green Roots.  What we found was that most "organic-based” programs really just replace synthetic fertilizer with an organic fertilizer. This is ineffective, because in order for organic methods to work, you need a thriving community of microbial organisms that will feed on the organic material and feed the soil. 

We identified leaders in the organic industry and started a strategic partnership with New Hampshire-based BeeSafe Organic Lawn Care.  They introduced us to a world of products that are changing the face of organic lawn care as we know it.  Tom Kelly, owner of BeeSafe, is committed to spreading the word on what he calls, “a 2nd generation” of organic theories and products that really work and are a viable option to any organic lawn program.  We are excited to join Tom in his mission and prove that it is possible to have a green lawn without doing harm to our planet.  

When is the best time to start a program?

Anytime.  However, it is most ideal to start between March and early May. 


Is it true that you sell a Tick, Flea and Mosquito program?

 Yes we do, and it is 100% organic!  Best of all we use a natural CEDAR OIL product that we have found works as well, if not better, as any chemical control on the market and it smells great too! 

Why should I choose Green Roots?

We are a locally based small business with an owner and operator whose mission is to operate a socially conscious lawn maintenance company that provides superior service, uses only the highest quality products,  is affordable, and safe for our families, our pets and our environment. Why not try us out and see for yourself?