Lawn Programs

Optimized Organic Lawn Program

This program is your best choice for striking a balance between using the safest products possible, having a beautiful lawn and being mindful of your budget.  This program calls for ORGANIC products to be used whenever possible.  When it comes to control products like weed and insect controls we will only use EPA REGISTERED "LOW RISK" INPUTS.  We use compost teas and natural fertilizers throughout the year to focus on building the soil to help your turf gradually become much more resistant to stress and disease. 

·        7 Lawn Treatments during the season

·        Includes prevention and seasonal weed control

·        All treatments are safe for your family and pets

We offer two lawn programs that both achieve similar goals and will have your lawn looking beautiful, green and full of life.  Both programs offer an environmentally safe solution that transforms your lawn and enhances your soil to increase its resistance to stress and diseases. 


With our programs we not only ensure a green lawn but since we focus heavily on compost, compost teas and organic fertilizers we are also encouraging and building a very healthy soil that will perform the way “nature intended” and will need to be watered less.

Premium Organic Lawn Program

This program offers a completely organic solution to your lawn and uses the latest research in natural lawn maintenance that is effective and produces a healthy and thriving lawn!  We will only use organic products and focus heavily on the biology in the soil.  By combining the application of organic granular fertilizers with laboratory created biologically enhanced soil inoculants and bio-stimulants it will transform your lawn into an organic carpet of thick green grass.  

·        7 Lawn Treatments during the season

·        Concentrated Corn Gluten as an ORGANIC preventative weed and crab grass control 

·        Program includes organic fertilization, compost tea, kelp, humates and other organic inputs.

·        Broadleaf Weed Controls Applied as Needed.