Creating Green Lawns.

Inside and Out.

Currently serving Chatham, Cranford, Madison, Maplewood, Millburn, South Orange Summit, West Orange, and Westfield NJ.

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A lawn that is green and lush is pretty.
A lawn that is healthy for our families and pets is beautiful. 

I'm Jose and I started Green Roots because I believe you can have a beautiful green lawn that is safe for our families and the environment. 


We are a locally owned and operated lawn care business based in South Orange, NJ.  Our affordable fertilization and nutritional programs help provide your lawn and the underlying soil the organic nutrients necessary to thrive, while increasing their sustainability and resistance.  Our goal is to keep your lawn and soil healthy, beautiful and weed free, using high quality products and providing superior service.


(And be sure to ask us about our 100% organic tick, flea and mosquito control!)

Our Approach

We believe a healthy and green lawn starts with enriching the soil. Chemicals make your lawn dependent on synthetic inputs and do not promote lawns that are naturally resistant to stress and disease.  We have found that organically maintained lawns remain consistently greener throughout the season since the soil is allowed to live as nature intended.  Ultimately, an organically maintained lawn achieves better and healthier results than one maintained with a conventional chemical program.

Our Commitment

We commit to providing you with a beautiful green lawn that is affordable and most importantly, safe for your family, friends, pets and our planet. We have taken a great deal of time to research, train and partner with leaders in the organic lawn care industry who provide the safest, highest quality, most effective and environmentally friendly products, including fertilizers, compost and compost teas, bio-stimulants, and high grade grass seed.

Our Mission and Values

We are a purpose driven, locally owned and operated small business. Our mission is to create beautiful, green and healthy lawns with biologically rich soil that is safe for our families, our community and our planet.  We value using  the latest research, technology and products in our work.  We believe in authenticity and honesty in our business practices, and commitment to our customers by providing them with a seamless experience and an affordable, quality product and service.

We Love Our Clients


We're proud to team up with great companies like BeeSafe and be a part of Mission 50, a movement to convert 50% of lawns to organic by 2025.  We believe that each neighborhood can contribute and have a large and lasting impact to the environment by choosing products that make it safer for our kids and future generations. 

BeeSafe Lawns is a national organic lawn care company based in New Hampshire that has been able to perfect chemical free lawn care.  We are proud to be certified and trained as an official BeeSafe Lawns applicator.


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