“Jose saved our lawn! Jose’s expertise and careful attention were just what our yard needed. We had a mass of weeds and dirt patches in our lawn that Jose transformed into a beautiful green blanket of grass. It’s hard to say what’s the best thing about Jose’s lawn restoration: his use of natural fertilizers and applications, his attention to every detail of planting new grass, or his dedication to checking on the growth of the new lawn. Working with Jose has been a real pleasure and we are excited to have a lawn that is both good to look at and good for the environment.  We are excited to sign-up for Jose’s seasonal lawn fertilization and nutrient program to keep our lawn looking green and performing well!”

Alana & David

“For the first year after we’d moved into our home, we struggled with how to approach fixing our patchy, weedy lawn with heavily compacted soil.  We expected it would eventually have to be completely dug up and replaced with sod, a process we knew would have been extremely invasive and costly.  Luckily, we found Jose who came to us with a plan to rehabilitate our current lawn, and do so organically, and within just a couple of weeks there was a tangible difference in appearance and feel.  Jose was always enthusiastic and kept us informed every step of the way as we watched him transform our lawn into one we initially didn’t believe possible.  With Jose’s dedicated care, our lawn is now lush, green and healthy.  We have seen him transform multiple other lawns on our street, where the appearance between one of his lawns and the others is noticeable, and have been happily recommending ever since”


“Our lawn was a mess.  We wanted it to look nicer, but never wanted to use any chemicals on the lawn, so we just kept it mowed short so that the weeds weren't as prominent.  Jose transformed our lawn.  His approach did not involve any harmful chemicals, and he was able to nourish the lawn organically.  His approach involved making the terrain nutrient dense so that the healthy grass could thrive and the weeds would be crowded out.  The result was a beautiful, green lawn that my daughter could walk around barefoot on, and the dogs could roll around on, and I was not concerned about exposure to nasty herbicides.  Thank you, Jose!”

Lora and Stephen

Jose's work speaks for itself.  When we asked Jose for a reference, he pointed us to his block,

where half his neighbor's lawns were a bright, lush, and vivid green.  Once we agreed to work with 

him, he proved to be extremely responsive and detailed oriented.  For new home and lawn owners like 

us, he made the process of turning around our decrepit, unmaintained lawn painless and effortless.

We were so pleased with his work that we referred him to our neighbor across the street!"